BE 1 at 1B

Join us for a one-night pop-up art happening in the East Village, featuring artists Indira Cesarine, Alannah Farrell, Morgan Jesse Lappin, Jamie Martinez and Savannah Spirit.

BYOB, wine, whatever. ✨

126 East 12th St
This is not 5th St!

Recently, I asked artists and friends what they would do with an empty space for one night. Brown bag art, I said. I hang the nails, you hang the art. Curate a show. Create an afternoon reading room. Try to sell something, if that’s the thing. Tell me what you want.

Here’s what they wanted. To show their own work—after all, that’s where they put their daily sweat and dreams—and also, to highlight another person.

So that’s the concept of +1. Artists are invited to take an opportunity, and pass along an opportunity. There is no hierarchy of curators and artists (bc that’s not how we really work).

This Saturday, we’d like to invite you to join us for the first one-night happening—an evening of art and conversation. I invited an artist, they invited an artist, they invited another… until we ran out of nails. And we all invite you. You want a neon sign in the window, so you know you’re at the right apartment? Done. That’s right. We’re actually above ground this time. We have windows.

(Because, remember, this isn’t 5th st. Don’t go to 5th st!)

We’ll put out a little wine, maybe some snacks—please feel free to bring something to drink or a little treat.

You know Savannah’s curation from Hotter than July and Woman, and Indira’s from the superhot (HOTEL) XX at SPRING/BREAK art show, as well as The Untitled Space. Morgan founded the Brooklyn Collage Collective and The Collage Show. Jamie is the publisher of Artefuse, and The Border Project Space in Bushwick. Alannah is a member of the Painting Center, and a new voice, and she painted the image on this card that’s creeping you out right now because it’s beautiful and ugly and makes you remember why you’re afraid of the dark. Come out to see more.

– KatieIMG_1392

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