January 24-February 24
Opening Reception Tuesday, January 24

Alexandria Ditavong
Alicia Lee
Aziza Rozi
Charlotte Renner
Ishita Sharma
Jenny Li
Jordan Savage
Kayla Vander Byl
Matthew Cook
Mickell Ford
Piper Scheifele
Rachel Weilbacker
Regina Ilbanez
Sasha Kupisk
Saskia Knowles
Vidushi Jain

Exhibition Website here.

Advisory Council
Each member of the advisory council contributed with a different and a unique set of skills that served as a basis in the execution of this exhibit.
Stephen Kalinsky
Stephen is a semi-retired lawyer who empowers professionals to compete in several debates on many topics like literary fiction and foreign policy. Stephen was the advisor of the marketing team, which executed the marketing strategies for this exhibition.Judith
Judith is a life-long educator of the arts whose vast professional experience includes working as a program developer and instructor for museums and art galleries. Judith was the advisor of the creative directing team, which oriented the theme, tone and mood of the overall exhibition.
Arlynn Brody
Arlynn had an impressive career as a principal of a NYC school. Her experience as a manager of hundreds of employees and educator of thousands of students made her an integral component for this exhibition. Arlynn Brody served both as a professional coach and executive editor of all the materials for this exhibition.
Jerry Spivack
Jerry is the current Vice President of Arts and Science Collaborations. His knowledge about operations and team management aided the groups in communicating efficiently, making sure that the exhibition was successful. Jerry Spivack was also the advisor of the general operations team.
Parry Rosenberg
Parry has more than 20 advertising awards on his mantle and 30 years of experience in advertising. He was the advisor for the advertising team, which executed all advertising materials for this exhibition.
Ruth Kavesh
Ruth Kavesh was the advisor of the public relations team along with Arlynn Brody.

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