Terror Nenas

Reception Sunday, June 5
6-9 pm

Terror Gallery, based in Peru and founded by curator and artist Joaquin Goldstein, returns to New York with a new project – this time a show titled “Terror Nenas.” Five female artists, based in Lima and New York, show their boldest and dangerous work about their fears and darkest fantasies, revealing their feminine and provocative side. Anything goes: laughing about the past or sharing their sexual experiences!

Terror Nenas present a compilation of works on paper includes black and fluorescent colors, intimate diaries and photographic self-portraits!

This new horror show in NYC is the third show of Terror Gallery in the United States. Hosted by Undercurrent Projects.

Yezica Tutic
Carolina Peñafiel
Maria Dimanshtein
Stephanie “ñiñi” Soria
Andrea Beteta

We are pleased to announce the performance “Art Terrorist Devi Oracle” by Jana Astanov as a surprise guest on our show
will be on Sunday 5th at 8 pm

Cover image, Stephanie “ñiñi” Soria

Stephanie “Ñiñi” Soria


Yezica Tutic.  Page from her artist’s book.
Maria Dimanshtein (wall and tableaux installation, left) and Carolina Peñafiel (photographs, right)
Yezica Tutic
Yezica Tutic
Carolina Peñafiel talks about her work.  There are no digital copies: these are the only existent pieces.
Maria Dimanshtein

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