If We’d Never Seen the Sea


If We’d Never Seen the Sea
Exhibition + Book Launch

Undercurrent Projects is pleased to present a new collection of graphic poetry by Brooklyn artist and writer Rebecca Nison, and a new interactive installation by New Orleans-based Carlton Scott Sturgill.

Rebecca Nison‘s graphic poems explore the unnamable territory between image and word: a domestic wilderness both playful and perilous, where the familiar becomes funhouse and the funhouse becomes familiar. She invites you to touch the 25 artworks, and somersault down the rabbit hole.

Carlton Scott Sturgill’s interactive installation questions notions of self-portraiture and relationships between sin and self. Through the reappropriation of domestic objects, he blurs the boundaries between private persona and public display. His work surprises those willing to look close, and rewards those willing to look closer.

Join us Sunday night to celebrate the concurrent exhibition and release of Rebecca Nison’s book of graphic poetry, published by Deadly Chaps. 

You can contact Rebecca Nison at rebecca.nison@gmail.com or 732.754.8578.

Opening Reception + Book Launch
Sunday, October 18 @ 7pm

above: Rebecca Nison, Once a Frame in this Room Held You
: Carlton Scott Sturgill, looking for 18 – 20 yr old now – m4m – 40 (greater cincinnati)


Reception Photos:Undercurrent_Becca



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